Imagine losing someone very dear to you.

How you wish you could have told your loved ones what you wanted to say. A simple locket, a letter would close a chapter in their life and yours.

We know that people have private messages that they would like to pass to their loved ones in the event of their passing away. Many times, we never delivered these words.

We help you to safekeep and deliver those final valuable words, unfulfilled goals, undone tasks or matters that you wish to convey to your loved ones after you have left, while doing our utmost to protect your privacy.

Imagine the touching moments of the family members of a 26-year-old British Infantry Office who died in Iraq in 2006 ... when they received and read his final letter:

"... I don't know why I am wrote this, because I really hope you would never have to read this letter. If you do, it means I am dead ... I love you dad and mom and wife and child. I fight a war to protect you. Just because I have am no longer around does not mean I am not with you. I will always be there looking over you. Keeping you safe ..."

The family members of the deceased were sorrowful but with these words their lives are enriched and it helped them move on with their lives.