Our intimate feelings, encouragement and wishes are difficult to tell our loved ones in person. Saying sorry or showing remorse are even harder to express. Many people choose not to bury them and hope for an opportunity to do so some day.

While some who can afford expensive fees, choose to write them in a will and pay a lawyer to keep and execute it. Others keep the wills and letters in a hiding place. Upon passing on, they hope their messages will be seen. Without an effective keeping, monitoring, delivery medium, these messages may never be discovered.


We store your final message for you either virtually or physically, and periodically check with you, updating your contact information and that of your recipients. We take great care in handling the information you submit in our Order Form as described in the Privacy Agreement.

We will contact you monthly after we received your application. We will contact the recipient when we are unable to contact you. The Final Letter will be delivered to the recipients when we receive confirmation of your after life OR if we are unable to contact you for twelve months after a contact call. The entire Process from order to safe-keeping to delivery is simple.

On your part, you would only need to ensure that you remain contactable and it is entirely FREE. It is our goal to accommodate our clients as much as we can. Contact us to discuss any specific requests you may have on top of what we offer.