1. How do I find out more about The Final Letters products and services? 
    We offer the service to safe keep valued last letter or last message for our clients at low cost. Once your letter arrives at our hands, we provide a place for safe-keeping and tracking system to ensure the letter is properly kept, and with the latest information of the recipient in our data bank. Please go to www.finalletters.com for more information of our product and services. 
  2. What is the Final Letters business idea? 
    Our business philosophy is to manage the softest and the hardest part of a life time for each of our client. Knowing the last letter is being kept and will be delivered to the right person, our client has the comfort of a clear and meaningful journey of life. To us, the utmost achievement is that our souls are filled with happiness and fulfilment of helping the fellow mankind to take care of messages they want to say to their loved ones. 
  3. When do I send my letter to The Final Letters? 
    When you complete our order form with details of yourself and the recipient, our customer service representative will contact you to verify the information. If you pay by Paypal, you will receive payment acknowledgement and instruction to send us the last letter. If your payment mode is by Cashier's Order or cheque, you will receive payment instruction and the last letter will come to us together with the payment instrument. Please refer to the Process for detail information. 
  4. How do I know The Final Letters safely keeps my letter? 
    We are in the business of managing and tracking letters since 2006. Using various combination of technology, and good business practice, we store, manage and track letters. To date we Final Letters represent the We will seal the opening of the client's letter with wax and place it in a air-tight plastic bag. A photo of the front and back of the sealed letter will be taken and email to our client as proof of safe keeping. 
  5. What will The Final Letters do to ensure it has the latest information of my recipient? 
    We will periodically check with you for updates of contact information of yourself and your recipients. To begin with we will do it once a year for the first two years, then on 6-month basis for the rest of time. We shall deliver the last latter to the recipient when we are not able to contact you for six months after the first contact call. 
  6. What are the terms and conditions for sale? 
    Our sale process is fairly simple. Our client reads the Terms & Conditions and make payment to us. Upon receipt of full payment our CSR will contact the client by email or phone call to inform the client to send the letter to our business address. We notify the client by email or phone call again when we have the letter with us. This will wrap-up the sale process. 
  7. What are the acceptable envelope sizes? 
    The followings are the envelope which we accept for safe keeping. 

    C5162 x 229 mm or 6 3/8 x 9" A4 folded once = A5
    B6125 x 176 mm or 5 x 7" A4 folded in quarters
    C6114 x 162 mm or 4 1/2 x 6 3/8" A4 folded in quarters
    C6/C5114 x 229 mm or 41/2 x 9" A4 sheet folded in thirds

    Total weight of the envelope and letter must not exceed 100 grams. 
  8. Why is the last letter vacuum sealed? 
    The last letter is sealed with two protection methods. Wax is used to seal the opening of the letter to ensure it has never been opened. Air-tight plastic bag is used to ensure minimum oxidation of the letter so that it can be preserved for a long period. 
  9. When will the recipient receive the last letter? 
    We shall deliver the last latter to the recipient when we are not able to contact our client for six months after the last contact call. 
  10. Can The Final Letters provide other service relating to my last letter? 
    We would be pleased to discuss with our clients on a case to case basis if they want us to safe keep or deliver items other than the Final Letters.